I have my first baby tomato forming.  Admittedly it is the size of a gooseberry right now but now I cannot wait for my first cheese and fresh tomato sandwich.  SONY DSC

By the way, I know there are a few aphids on there but hopefully the ladybugs and their babies will be along momentarily to take care of them.   (If they don’t show up soon I’ll just knock the aphids down with some soapy water before they can do too much damage).

Also the broccoli is coming along nicely.


Although I have to admit that I am concerned that it is going to get too hot for them in the near future and they will bolt.  If that looks like it is going to happen I will just harvest them as they are bound for my husband’s nightly salad anyway.   I can’t wait to go out there in the evenings and graze on the goodies growing.  It is my favorite kind of dinner, picked and eaten right out there in the garden.