Moon Flowers

One day, a year ago or so, a man turned up at my office and asked if he could clean our windows.  He said he would clean the windows inside and out for $10.00, and he would do it twice a month.  I not only liked the idea that I would not have to clean the windows but I loved the idea of a guy and his wife getting a boots on the ground business started.  I happily accepted and he has been cleaning our windows twice a month since then.

He also shares my passion for gardening and pets and we often discuss both as he is cleaning the windows.  Recently he asked me if I had any Moon Flowers in my garden and I told him no.  I also told him that I knew what they were because I had listened to a local radio station and a man on there announced to everyone that he had Moon Flowers blooming and anyone with a lawn chair and an hour or so was welcome to come out to his yard and watch them blooming.  I was fascinated.  I Googled  it of course and was blown away by the way these flowers bloom.

So Frank my window cleaner said that his Mom had a ton of Moon Flowers in her garden and he would be happy to gift me one.  Last week I came back from court and there was a large pot with a plant in it outside my office door.  I brought it home and put it with the other containers in my driveway and promptly forgot about it.  This morning I noticed that it had bloomed overnight and realized that this evening I had to be out there to see it happening.  Frank had told me that I needed to look for an “Okra looking thing” on the stem, which would then become a bloom.  I noticed one this evening while taking out the trash and went inside to get my Bloggie recorder.  By the time I had got back outside the thing had bloomed.   There was another bud that looked like a likely candidate so I sat there in the driveway with my Bloggie and waited.

I have to say I was blown away.  I had heard about these things but I never thought that they would live up to expectations.  I was completely and utterly wrong.  They really do bloom in front of your eyes in real time.  It is amazing.  I would love to show you my Bloggie video that I took this evening but unfortunately my computer and my Bloggie are having a falling out right now so it is not possible.  I will however link to this, which is exactly what I witnessed this evening.

If you have never witnessed a Moon Flower opening I urge you to do so, it is truly a sight to behold.



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