Easter Lily Rescue Season is Here!

Everyone know that at this time of year I urge everyone to go out and rescue neglected Easter Lilies.  They are flooding the stores and garden centers right now, looking resplendent in full bloom (having been forced in greenhouses).  These Oriental Lilies (which is what they are), will soon fade, and after Easter when their flowers have dropped the poor beasts will be set in shopping carts outside the stores marked “clearance” and will be sold for pennies, they will sit in that cart and look for all the world like a prom queen after her date has dumped her as she sits on the gym steps, with her shoes in her hand and mascara pouring down her face.

Unfortunately those that are not rescued by clever gardeners like ourselves will be thrown in a dumpster and will live out the rest of their lives trying to bloom in a landfill.  Some will succeed, others will just become compost.  Let us band together and promise that we will not allow that fate.  Let us all pledge to rescue these poor abandoned Easter Lilies wherever we see them.   Take them home, take them out of the pot into which they are confined and plant them somewhere where their roots can spread, and their bulbs can multiply, for years and years and years.  Do not expect them to bloom at Easter however, because they won’t, they were forced in a greenhouse to bloom at Easter remember, but in the early summer they will delight you year after year with beautiful smelling white blooms that will only get better with age.  If there is one thing I know about Easter Lilies when you rescue them from the pots and set them free they reward you with their beauty.

The rescue period will begin on Monday.  Get yourself out there and rescue some Easter Lilies!


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