Grass is deadly

People are so keen to use any kind of cide, pesticides, herbicides you name it.  A new study shows that Roundup, the most common weedkiller in the US causes cancer.

Don’t.  Just don’t.  I mean really just don’t use this poison.  It ends up in our ground water and ends up killing us.  Pesticides are killing our bees, and once the bees are gone then so are we.  Seriously people the indiscriminate use of cides are wrecking our planet and we have to stop.  Now.

There is no reason whatsoever to eradicate weeds from a piece of grass in front of your house, grass is useless, it serves no purpose, it is a water sucking, piece of trash that serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to eat natural resources.

Dig it up, replace it with native plants, that will feed not only the environment, but the local wildlife.   Plant acres of Milkweed, Monarchs are dying. lack of habitat is killing them.  For every acre of lawn we get rid of and plant with Milkweed we are helping the Monarchs.

Plant vegetables, your grocery budget will thank you for it.  Plant bee friendly flowers, your earth will thank you for it.  Plant anything but that useless piece of grass in front of your house.

If we can start a national movement to eradicate the totally and utterly useless grass that we seem to think is important in front of our houses then we can really accomplish something.  Get rid of the grass now!




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