Day three of the snowpocolipse

The county is still frozen solid.   The courthouse is closed tomorrow for the third straight day, this is unheard of, even after a major hurricane, the courthouse usually opens again after a couple of days.  As it is the roads are just impassable.  No one is going anywhere until we get temps into the 60s at the weekend and the freezing rain and snow thaws.  The last time I remember the courthouse being closed this long was Hurricane Floyd in 1999 when so many houses were flooded in the county that the workers simply could not get into work.

As for us I found out that ancient board games make really good fuel for a fire, Trivial Pursuit burns for hours! There are times when you have to do whatever it takes to stay warm.  This is one of those times.  At some point during the last several days I felt like the people in “The Day After Tomorrow” burning the tax code to keep warm.

This has certainly been the most brutal winter storm that we have ever seen in North Carolina.  I am hoping that is it the last one we ever see.


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