Snow Day

We had a major weather event here in Eastern North Carolina yesterday.  The majority of the news has been focused on Atlanta due to that City’s lack of preparedness, however here in Eastern NC people and local governments were not only prepared but they were overly cautious.  The problem was not the snow, which most of the news was talking about.  The problem is that prior to the snow arriving we had a major freezing rain event.  When I left my office at around 11:30am the temperature was already below freezing and it was raining.  I drove about two blocks and my windshield was already frozen solid.  I had to pull off to the side of the road and wait for the heater to get warm enough to melt the solid film of ice on my windshield.

As the day progressed the ice storm grew worse.  Everything was already covered with a thick film of frozen rain when the snow arrived.  This morning I woke up to this


The layer of snow was thick, but not only was it thick, it was frozen solid, so when the dogs went out into the yard their feet never penetrated the top layer, they simply walked on the top of the six inches of snow.  Normally here in Eastern NC the snow is a light fluffy layer on the ground, you walk outside and your boots sink into the snow and you can walk through it easily.  This was not the case this time, and this is what has caused so many problems.  The drifts outside my front door were at least two feet deep.


The cars were frozen solid


The snow had drifted up my back steps so that I didn’t have to step down to walk out of the kitchen door.  I just walked out onto a solid wedge of snow.

The dogs were enjoying playing in the snow, but the cold kept getting to them and they wrassled for a bit and then came in and snuggled on the recliner by the fire until they warmed up again.


Here in Onslow County the schools were closed on Tuesday, the Court system, state government and local government closed down at 3pm yesterday.  They took NO chances.  They knew what was coming and they took precautions.  The entire County is closed until at least Friday.  The failure of the government in Atlanta, both at State and Local levels was to not listen to the warnings of the Meteorologists.  They all warned that this was going to be a major event, and it was.  It was not the snow, and sadly I have heard reporters talking about “it was just 2.5 inches of snow” it was the massive ice storm that preceded the snow.  It was utterly brutal and the officials in Georgia should have prepared for it.  I am glad that the government in North Carolina did so and made the right decisions.


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