Long since gone but never Forgotten

I was digging through some old photographs the other day (yes the old type ones, printed on photo paper), and I came across a group of my pets who have long since romped over the Rainbow Bridge. Despite the utter pain and despair when I lost them, looking at their photographs now never fails to make me smile, as I remember the wonderful times we had together.

We adopted Lucky from our next-door neighbor Thanksgiving of 1995, he was the only survivor of a litter that had suffered a bad reaction to their first shots.  I kept him alive.  I knew he would be mine one day. Here he is in January of 1996.


Dweebe was a magnificent beast.  She was part Chow and part German Shepard but when we first got her (from a man at the Gas Station my husband worked at) she was just a ball of fluff.


Sox was adopted from Carolina Animal Protection Society when she was just a pup.  We rescued Buddy from our previous next-door neighbors who were neglecting him terribly.  (Buddy is the Spaniel)


Fuzzbutt also came from CAPS.  Lari and her brother Curly were the result of rescuing a bob tailed kitten (who we discovered was a lot older than she looked and pregnant) from the same Gas Station that Dweebe came from.


John Cole of Balloon Juice has recently been reminded of losing his beloved Tunch, as his image graces the front of the Pets of Balloon Juice Calendar.   But he, like we all do eventually, has adopted another cat, and is currently singing the praises of his cat Steve.   Please visit the link below if you would like to purchase a calendar, all proceeds go to an animal rescue organization.


I think all of us pet lovers know, we may replace a beloved pet once we have lost them, but it never diminishes the love we held in our hearts for them.


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