This weekend Saturday was a frigid day for us in Eastern North Carolina.  As I shuffled out of the bedroom and into the living room I was literally shivering until I could get the heaters turned on.  My DH went out into the yard and turned the downed trees we had into firewood and in no time the house was toasty and warm.

This evening the temperature is supposed to go down to 18, which is the coldest I can remember around here.  Not surprisingly I have a roaring fire going in the fireplace, thanks to the said firewood that we have.  The great thing about having a fireplace is that there is no such thing as trash or junk mail, EVERYTHING is fuel, unless it is a can, in which case it actually gets thrown away.

I would encourage anyone who has a fireplace in their house to use it, whenever you are able.  Sure they are decorative, and most House Hunters people rave about the fireplace and yet will never have any intention of using it, but they are extremely useful, not only for cutting down on heating costs but psychologically they are invaluable.  It doesn’t matter a whit if the roaring wood fire in the fireplace is actually heating your great room, but just looking at it makes you feel warmer.  Right now it is 40 degrees outside and falling, inside my house it is a toasty 70.  All of the animals are indoors and basking in the heat.  My plan is to stack the fire with lots of wood before I go to bed to make sure that Harmony the Cockatiel stays warm overnight and the animals all have a warm place to sleep (other than, you know, as usual, on or in our bed).

Not only are fireplaces a nice feature in a home but in some cases they can become a lifesaver.  Years ago when an Ice Storm swept through Raleigh and the surrounding areas 100s of thousands were out of power.  I remember talking to my bosses Son and asking him how he was coping.  “We are at the in-laws house, they have a fireplace”  he told me.

While it is going to be cold tonight I do not think it is time to camp out in the library and start burning the tax code but it is certainly a night for a roaring fire in the fireplace.  It is what they are for.  Use them.


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