House Hunters

I have been watching a lot of House Hunters over the holidays, due to the fact that I ran out of shows on demand that I would normally watch during a very long weekend of time out of the office.  I have also been visiting some blogs that dedicate themselves to House Hunters and found them to be hilarious.  Some of the quotes that come up time and time again are “open concept” “granite countertops” “closet space” and “master suite” have now got to the point that they are comical.

One of my favorite blogs, which has not been updated for a while, is

It condenses the entire HGTV House Hunters theme into one nugget of deliciousness. It also reminds me that people with a budget of $100,000 should not be expecting granite countertops and stainless steel appliances.

The best part is though when you then go on to “Love it or List It” where a couple who has bought a house no longer want to live there.  (One of them usually).  Usually the designer opens up the walls and the ceilings and discovers that in order to create the “open space” that the previous home owner has knocked down load bearing walls and the entire house in on the verge of collapse.  This whole “open concept” thing means that homeowners are smashing down load bearing walls without any idea that they are compromising their entire house.

The greatest thing about House Hunters and all of their ilk though is that people have such high expectations.  They dismiss a house because it doesn’t happen to have a powder room on the ground floor, despite the fact that I meets all of their other expectations.  Let us not forget that the majority of them will more than likely be in foreclosure proceedings a year out.

HGTV has lost the garden part of it, but it is no less entertaining.


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