Coming in from the cold

It is cold in North Carolina right now, colder than I am happy to allow Cadbury, my elderly outside cat to stay outside.  Generally, when she is too cold she will come in of her own accord, but on Thursday I decided over her head, that it was too cold for her to be out there, and I scooped her up and deposited her on the bookcase where she is wont to sleep when she is in the house.   She quickly snuggled down and curled into a ball and went to sleep until it was time for dinner, at which point she merrily joined the other cats in the kitchen for her dinner.  Despite being hissed at from some of the other cats, she stood her ground and ate her dinner before returning to her spot on top of the bookcase, where I should add, she would always hang out with her Mum Alpha.

She has been in the house ever since, snuggling up in various places, including on my lap for a short time, but she is warm, and safe, and that is all that matters.   Sometimes you have to overrule a cat’s stubborn nature and do the right thing.


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