The one thing I love about Lancaster is the history.  It is truly an ancient town, the castle was begun by William shortly after 1066, you can actually point out that part of the castle (the Norman keep) thanks to its very ancient stones. SONY DSC

But the town actually goes back longer than that to the time of the Romans.  During my childhood a Roman settlement was found (which resulted in a building development being moved due to preservation efforts).  SONY DSC

When they wanted to use a piece of land than this plaque is placed upon to build a DSS building and parking lot the local council not only considered how the building would serve the public but they considered how the building would look, from the view over the river with the castle and the priory church on the skyline.  They decided, correctly in my view, that a cinder block monstrosity could not be built that would destroy that iconic skyline, and so the builders brought in old stone from other projects, and not only did they face the building with old stone, they built the parking lot with arrow slits in it, in order to blend with the rest of the architecture.  SONY DSC

Similarly when a grocery store wanted to relocate down town instead of building a big box monstrosity they built the grocery store inside a historic fruit and vegetable warehouse.  In a similar fashion there is a movie theatre built inside of an iconic cooperative store shell.  There is a wonderful history of preserving the buildings of the past while enabling new businesses to thrive within their shells.  Hell even the railway station looks like it has been there for centuries


This station is two minutes from my Mum’s house.  It was so nice going home on leave when I was in the Navy.


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