The Country Dog and the City Dog

DH and I are always commenting about how different Flossie and Skeeter are, and we put it in terms of the country dog and the city dog.  Flossie is a spoiled rotten princess and she knows it.  I will give her a chewy treat and she will sniff it and turn her nose up “what is that?  it is not a bone, or a pig’s foot, or a smoked ham hock?  You expect me to eat that?”  and will walk away.  You give Skeeter a chewy treat and he is all “oh a chewy treat!  For me!  Really!  Oh it is the bestest thing ever, well the bestest thing since you gave me that bone, or the pigs foot, or the ham hock! Bestest thing ever!”  He never turns down a treat, no matter what it is, yet Flossie has her standards with treats and will not tolerate the “cheap stuff” so to speak.

Also Flossie is very dominating when it comes to people time.  When she wants people time she will simply sit on you, all of her, on the other hand sweet Skeeter will sidle up beside you and slide his head under your arm and look at you with the most pathetic eyes that you have ever seen and beg you for attention.  While it is easy to ignore a 60lb boxer sitting on your lap (you can simply look around her to the television) it is impossible to ignore the Skeeter plaintiff look at you.  You cannot ignore those eyes, no matter what you do, those eyes immediately trigger a scritching of the ears response.

Despite those differences the two of them are inseparable, they are absolutely best buddies.  When we took them both to the vets recently and Flossie was taken into the surgery for her heart worm test Skeeter became agitated because the vet tech had taken her away from him, he paced and prowled and whined the entire time until she came back with a band aid on her leg, lots of kisses ensued.

It occurs to me that Flossie, having been acquired as a puppy knows nothing more than being spoiled rotten, while Skeeter having been adopted knows another life, and he is grateful for every single moment of his current life, he thinks he got the lottery ticket and he is going to make the most of it.  Oh can I have another chewy treat?