Pet Food Savings Alert

We all know how expensive it is to feed our pets (especially multiple pet households like mine), so I wanted to let you know of a great deal going on right now.  Food Lion is having a super sale on their in-store brands.  Basically for every item that you buy you receive a catalina coupon at check out for 25cents off your next shopping order.  This means, for example, that a can of Food Lion brand wet food for cats, normally priced at 40 cents per can takes your final cost down to 15 cents per can.  That is a huge savings!  On their wet food for dogs the price goes from 59 cents per can to a brilliant 34 cents per can.  The sale is going on right now and lasts until October so you will have plenty of time to stock up.  I got my first $4.00 coupon yesterday, which today I put towards buying more cans of cat food and received a coupon for $8.50 on my next shopping order.

Remember the 25 cents applies to each item.  Normally I would buy the multi-packs of the cat and dog wet food as the price per can goes down slightly, however in this scenario you would be crazy to do that as you would only get the 25 cents per multi-pack, not per can.

Of course the deal doesn’t only apply to pet food, but everything in the store, so make sure to look for close out deals that can actually make you money.  Last year during the same type of sale Food Lion had all of their small cans of “gourmet” cat food (Fancy Feast size) on close out for 24 cents per can, so they were paying me 1 cent per can to take the cans out of the store.   You can bet your life that I hit every Food Lion in my county (there are eight of them) in order to take advantage of that deal!

So to conclude, anyone who wants to save a boatload of money on their pet food bills this month, and if you are in the Food Lion area, run don’t walk to stock up on stuff, you’ll be glad you did.


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