Puppy Update

Flossie is improving daily, although you can now actually see where the snake bit her due to some tissue damage (which the vet is monitoring).  However, with the amount of medications she is on I am sure that there will be no permanent damage. SONY DSC

Skeeter was fixed on Friday and he seems to be recovering nicely and doesn’t appear at all bothered that “something” appears to be missing.  Here he is rocking his blue inflatable collar.


He has managed to get out of it a couple of times, with an able assist from Flossie of course but he seems to like it, and he uses it almost as a portable cushion.  I much prefer these to the e-collars (the cone of shame) as the dog can be much more mobile, in our case it would be impossible for Skeeter to get out of the doggie door with the e-collar on, and he would have a problem eating the dry food from the endless feeder so I am happy to invest the extra couple of bucks for the blow up.  Of course there is no telling how long it will survive.  They both go back to the vets for a follow up in a couple of weeks so we shall see if the vet is happy with the way they are progressing.   In the mean time I will again heartily endorse chunks of stinky brie cheese as a method to get dogs to scarf down multiple pills.  Both Flossie and Skeeter are happily taking their meds every day just so long as they are accompanied by said stinky brie.  I even got them to take their heart worm meds this morning in addition to the others, so I cannot sing its praises more.

Finally I again want to praise Banfield Pet Hospital.  I was always a little concerned that perhaps because they are attached to a “big box” store (Petsmart), that I would receive inferior service from the staff.  I am happy to report that I was completely and utterly wrong.  Both the vets and the vet techs at my local Banfield are utterly charming, efficient and are all obviously animal lovers.  Despite the amount of pet owners that they must see in a single day when I walked in to drop Skeeter off for his surgery on Friday morning the first thing the vet tech asked me was how Flossie was.  She hadn’t even pulled up my records and she knew me and knew my dog.   When I went to pick him up later that day another vet tech told me that “the girls all reported that he had been a total sweetheart all day and had behaved himself wonderfully”.   This was actually was an issue that I was concerned about because on a previous visit he had growled at the vet tech when she had attempted to get a stool sample.

While I truly loved my old vet, when Banfield opened I had pretty much no choice but to try them out because of their incredibly convenient weekend hours.  I simply cannot afford to take time off from work when one of my animals needed to visit the vets, and I am sure there are many more people like me.  Also, with the Flossie emergency I was truly grateful that they were open on a Sunday afternoon and able to see her immediately.  In normal circumstances that trip to the dog version of the ER would have cost me a fortune, thanks to their hours and my wellness plan all it cost me was for her meds.


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