At what point…..

Did it become acceptable for people to go out in their pajama bottoms?  I can fathom that you think it is okay to run to the convenience store for a gallon of milk cause you are out but at what point is it okay to go out to the grocery store, to the post office, to court when you are appearing before a judge for a traffic ticket?  I remember a time when ladies didn’t leave the house without a hat, a pair of gloves, and a matching hand bag.  Now it is okay to go to court in your jammies?

Did “slow down and prepare to stop” when you see an amber light suddenly become “speed the hell up and try to beat it”?  This is an issue for me, I am a firm “slow down and prepare to stop” kind of gal, which means that if I am in front of a “speed the  hell up and try to beat it” person behind me I am in serious trouble of being rear ended.  When did this behaviour begin exactly?

Did grocery manufacturers in the US suddenly realize that a) many people have electric can openers in the US b) the electric grid in the US is so pathetic that it goes down when a Squirrel farts c) Hurricanes are the norm, not an anomaly d) hey!  perhaps we should make our cans flip top instead of needing a can opener.  This would appear to me to have been a no brainer but who am I.

Did banks in the US suddenly realize that people perhaps, maybe, you know on occasion would actually like to withdraw money from an ATM in perhaps another State, or great Flying Spaghetti Monster perhaps another country, yee gods, could people actually need such a service?  Actually yes, I was withdrawing my money from my bank account in England at an ATM in 1986 in Hong Kong.  When I arrived here in the US in 1991 and wanted to withdraw money from my bank account at an ATM from my bank account in England I was told that I could not do such a thing because my bank in England could not talk to the Pig Farmers and Car Mechanics Bank of North Carolina and I therefore could not access my money.  Indeed when my husband and I traveled to Missouri to pick up his children we had to take cash with us because the banks in North Carolina could not talk to the banks in Missouri because they did not have the technology.  At some point in the last 20 years the banks here in the US caught on, it has been a long slow haul however and the whole transfer between banks overseas is still a bit of a pain.

Did it become acceptable for a paralegal to write a snitty letter to an attorney and speak to him on the same level?  I have been a paralegal for 20 odd years, I speak to attorneys with the respect they deserve due to their education and training.  I recently received a letter addressed to my boss signed by a paralegal of a really very junior attorney which was so disrespectful in its tone that I was personally offended by it.  The first chance I got (today) I told the attorney in charge of said paralegal that not only was her letter to my boss in bad form, but it was personally offensive to me as a fellow paralegal.  I told him that she can write snitty letters to me all she wants but when she starts writing snitty letters to my boss with some inflated sense of self importance she is going to get my back up, and trust me, as as paralegal with 20 years behind me you really don’t want to get my back up.

Did it become acceptable for you to have a conversation with a tin of peas in the grocery store causing me to look at you as if you are mad until I realize that you have a blue tooth and are actually speaking to a friend instead of said tin of peas.  What conversation is so important that you must have it with a tin of peas?  “Hey what cha doin?”  “Nuthin what choo doin?” “Oh I’m at the grocery store what choo doin?”  “Nuthin” I give up.









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