Flossie Got Bitten by a Copperhead

Initially I was not sure, I was just down in the garden and heard her yelp, jump back and then go running into the house.  I couldn’t see any obvious puncture marks (other than one left by Skeeter in a wrestling match earlier in the day which I already knew about) so I decided to monitor her for any swelling of her face.  Shortly thereafter I noticed blood spots on her muzzle and the left side of her face began to swell so I threw on her leash, called Banfield and tore down the bypass at a reasonable speed 🙂  Despite the fact that I did not have an appointment thanks to my call ahead the doctors were waiting for her and whisked her away as soon as I arrived.  The very nice vet came out and explained to me that they had her on an IV of steroids and anti histermine and would be monitoring her for the next hour.

I went and did some grocery shopping, knowing that I would not be able to do so on the way home and then went back to the vet to sit and fret.  The charming lady vet again came out and told me that they had located the obvious fang marks on her muzzle and that it had indeed been a snake bite.  She was going to give her one more shot of steroids through the IV and then they would be sending her home with a bag full of prescription medications that would make an 80 year old proud.

This morning I took her back to the vet for a follow up and she was as bouncy and happy as she always is when going on a road trip.  The swelling had completely subsided and the vet was very happy with her progress.  Now I just have to remember to give her a very complicated dosing of pills for the next week or so.

Which reminds me, forget pill pockets, forget hot dogs, I recommend Brie cheese for pill giving for dogs.  Flossie has been happily scarfing down seven pills at a time providing they are stuffed into a nice slice of stinky Brie.

I cannot thank Banfield enough for their weekend hours.   Several years ago both Judy and Lucky were bitten by the same copperhead in the space of one Sunday afternoon and it cost us a fortune at the emergency vet to treat them both.  It set us back financially for months.  Thanks to Banfield’s wellness plans and their flexible weekend hours this time all it cost me was the price of Flossie’s prescriptions.


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