The best laid plans etc.,

As I mentioned previously my Elderberry Tree has been spectacular this year and was covered with blooms and is now covered with very quickly ripening fruit.  As I also mentioned that I always plan to harvest some berries and make some home-made Elderberry jam but invariably I feel sorry for the birds who love the fruit and end up letting them have all of it.   Well obviously this year it was not to be.  We have had several days of absolutely drenching rain and the rain hitting the fruit and weighing down the branches caused two of the most fruit laden branches to snap spectacularly from the central trunk and crash to the ground.

While I am happy to allow the birds to harvest the fruit I certainly didn’t want the bounty to rot on the ground or simply be eaten by bugs.  My other concern was that with the ripe fruit laying so close to the ground I would be putting the birds feeding on it at risk from my cats, and it didn’t seem to be worth it.  With all those things in mind I decided to harvest the fruit from the two broken branches.

After harvesting and stripping from the stems I have ended up with approximately ten pounds of fruit which I will be turning into jam tomorrow.  I am now grateful that I kept all those glass mason jars and lids that my preferred pasta sauce comes in because I am going to need them.   I am assuming that I am going to be giving some away to friends and neighbors because it is going to yield many jars of jam that I will not be able to eat on my own.

Luckily only a small portion of the Elderberry Tree was affected by the rain so there is more than enough fruit remaining to keep the Mockingbirds and Blue Jays happy, and of course they are going to eat all of the grapes, so there is that.   I am sure their pet name for me is “sucker”.


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