Who ARE these people?

I was hanging around in court this morning waiting to speak to the Assistant District Attorney about continuing some cases and I was chatting to a fellow Paralegal who I have known for years and I consider a friend.  She always comes to me for advice when she has to do something that is unfamiliar for her and I can always rely on her to take time out of her day to come and be a second witness for a will signing should I need it.  As we chatted I asked her how things were and she said this “well it’s a nightmare, we are having the kitchen remodeled right now and it is taking far longer than the contractor told us it would but you know the granite countertops we wanted weren’t in stock so they took a little while longer, but it seems to be taking forever, I mean I DON’T COOK so it really doesn’t matter but I am just tired of all the mess and it is going over the 10K budget”.  I hope she didn’t notice the “what the ever loving hell are you talking about” look on my face because two things began running through my mind when she said that.  A)  Why are you remodeling your kitchen when you don’t cook?  Unless you are about to put your house on the market (she wasn’t) there is absolutely no reason to do it because really, it doesn’t matter if your kitchen looks like something out of a 70s diner BECAUSE YOU DON’T USE IT.   I mean really, why not spend the money on a vacation, or I don’t know, if you have 10K to blow for no other reason then sponsor some kids in Africa or something, but to blow good money on a kitchen that you will never use? I don’t even know how to handle that kind of news.

It reminded me of a House Hunters episode on HGTV one weekend.  There was a young female lawyer who was looking for a home and she was checking out condos.  To help her was her best friend.  One particular condo was perfect for her, the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, and a walk in closet the size of a small house (which appears to be the thing these days), when she got to the kitchen she said “I don’t like the cabinets and I am not a fan of the granite on the counter tops”.   Her friend looked at her and said “but you don’t cook, probably the only thing in the kitchen that you would ever use would be the microwave to heat up take out”.  The buyer said “Yes I know, but I STILL WANT A NICE KITCHEN”.

Who ARE these people?  I mean really who are they?  My friend the paralegal who was spending 10K on a kitchen remodel that she will never use and the female lawyer who wants a nice kitchen even though she will never use it?

I cook dinner every night.  (Okay I admit on Sunday after a hard day in the garden we ordered Pizza) but I cook dinner almost every night of the week.  What is it with these people not cooking, have they forgotten how?  Did they ever know how?  It appears to me that people in general are losing life skills, and I don’t mean breathing and stuff, I mean basic skills that will keep them alive during a crisis.

Whenever I am flush with money the first thing I buy is food, not shoes, not jewelry, not designer clothes, I buy food.  As such my cupboards are stacked with canned goods, I couldn’t get anything more in my freezer if I wanted to.  If a Hurricane came through here tomorrow and wiped out the power I would be sitting pretty because I have a boat load of charcoal for my grill and cupboards full of canned food and a generator to keep my freezer cold. I wonder how these people who “never cook” would cope when all of the restaurants in town are closed and they have no way to get food?

It really is no way to go through life, particularly with climate change hammering us more and more with catastrophic storms.  I am not one of those “Doomsday Preppers” but I am smart enough to know that an ability to cook and a supply of food is the smart way to go.


3 thoughts on “Who ARE these people?

  1. A woman after my own heart. Love to cook from scratch. I don’t use canned foods (except the ones I “can” in mason jars), but I am constantly referring to “Putting Foods By” to preserve my organic veggies for use later on. My freezer is packed with my green beans, leeks, etc. and I have bushels and “saver sacks” of potatoes, garlic and onions. Bees for honey; chickens for eggs. I shop the local farms and bakeries and haven’t seen the inside of a fast food restaurant in years! We make it a point, whenever we do go out to eat, to frequent the restaurants in our area who use local produce. I cook every day in my old, broken down kitchen! It may not be glamorous, but the food is great. I don’t understand how some people eat the way they do.

  2. Ha ha, you probably won’t read this because the post is so old, but just gives me a chance to vent steam. My sister-in-law and my hedge-fund bro live in a huge house with 7 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, a gym, a pool, a wine cellar, huge public rooms etc. (though in their neighbourhood their house is a hovel, since they’ve no stables, tennis courts, etc.) but it’s the kitchen that does my head in – it’s huge, completely remodelled since they moved in, with new countertops (not granite, cause apparently that’s now out of fashion), dunno what it is. They eat nothing but sushi and pizza, the kids eat chicken nuggets (organic from Whole Foods of course) and frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they heat in the $250 toaster. Their Thanksgiving dinner is bought in from Whole Foods and all you need to do is heat it up in the oven that they didn’t know how to use, so we had to read the manual. I googled it (because I am both bitchy and completely bewildered) – the stove, oven and microwave cost @ £15,000 which is less than I earn a year, for people who hate food, don’t cook, spend every spare moment preserving their perfect bodies at the gym, own 4 coffee-table books and no other reading (though in mitigation the kids do have books), castigate their private-school educated kids if they don’t come first at lacrosse, and think anyone who’s not perfect/is fat/other than white is obviously a minion of the socialist/fascist/Nazi President Obama. You can tell I’m looking forward to yet another family Thanksgiving …

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