Oh Sweet Mystery of Life At Last I’ve Found You!



It was a quiet day at the office today and the boss called at 3pm and when I told him nothing interesting was going on he told me to go home.   I decided to go on a mini-mooch and check out the local thrift stores and there, shining on a shelf, at the Infant of Prague (Catholic Church Thrift Store) was my precious.   The orange stickers you see on there are  one that says “works” and the other is the price “4.95” a quick google search tells me that this particular model retailed for $33.00 or so which gives me a warm and tingly feeling on top of the feeling of victory which washed over me the moment I saw it.

Not only will it take my home made bread slices and toast it all the way but it has these wonderful adjustable basket type thingies which means that no matter how thick I slice the bread it will cope.

As an absolutely cherry on top of the sundae I also found (at the Domestic Violence Shelter store) a Mrs. Tea, tea maker which I have been looking for for at least a year after my last one died, this was even more of a jewel because not only was it only $6.00 but they are like chickens teeth because the company no longer makes them.   The thrill of the hunt, it doesn’t get any better than that.



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