I cried last night

I was in Myrtle Beach this weekend, celebrating my 22nd wedding anniversary.  We were staying in a condo at Barefoot Landing donated to us for nothing by the bandbooster president and were eating out thanks to my husbands seniors who bought him a gift card for a variety of restaurants.  We chose Olive Garden because I love their soup, salad, and breadsticks thing.  Despite the fact that it rained all day saturday we had a good time, visiting all of the flea markets in the area and various thrift stores to stay out of the rain.  We went back to the condo at about 5pm and the hits started coming.  I had little access to the internet other than my phone but watched with sorrow as I saw various bits of news.

First came the news that General Stuck, a curmudgeon like poster at Balloon Juice who had been absent for a while had died, which made everyone sad because we would no longer be able to look forward to his absolutely brilliant images of Humming Birds.  Then John at Balloon Juice posted that his beloved cat Tunch had been killed by his sister’s dog in his own back yard.  I felt physically ill at that point, remembering the sheer hopelessness I felt when my beloved Lari was killed by a rogue Pit Bull in her own front yard, while she was chilling in the driveway, minding her own business.  I began to sob.  Finally the Zimmerman trial verdict came in and I was at that point beyond hope.  It appeared that every bad thing that could ever happen all crammed into one day, on a day before I was supposed to be celebrating.

When I woke this morning I peered at myself in the bathroom mirror and saw the raw red eyes of a day of tears, tears for Stuck, tears for Tunch, and tears for Trayvon.  I cannot think of a worse day in so many years.  Despite that the DH and I held hands, and remembered the day 23 years ago when we first locked eyes on each other and knew that we were meant to be.  Everyone said it wouldn’t last.  We are really proud to prove everyone wrong.


2 thoughts on “I cried last night

  1. My only anniversary is that today marks 54 years since I set sail on my first trip to the UK, and that is a wonderful memory to celebrate! But like you, Britty, I felt gut-punched again and again yesterday, sobbed as I haven’t sobbed in years, and was pretty much a sleep-deprived wreck this morning. Now it’s time for righteous anger, and action.

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