The Oasis in the Concrete Desert

I have spoken before of the retaining ponds here in Eastern North Carolina, which are required to be built whenever a developer is going to place a large amount of concrete (a parking lot for instance) in a place which a) used to be a swamp many moons ago, and b) is prone to sudden downpours.  Indeed the photograph of the bird at the top of this Blog was taken at such a retaining pond in Myrtle Beach.

Last week I went to Lowes to pick up some bird food and other things and as I was leaving the parking lot I drove past the retaining pond (one of two) and spotted this:


Mom and Pop Canada Geese were proudly escorting their brood from the pond, no doubt giving them a valuable lesson of what roads and cars can do before taking them back.  As is my wont I stopped and held up traffic for a while so I could take the picture with my phone and watch them make it back to the pond where they slid effortlessly into the water followed by their chicks.

On a similar note I went to the Farmers Market at Jacksonville Commons on Thursday and as I was wandering around the various stalls I noticed a collection of orange hazard cones arranged around something in the gravel pathway.  One of the vendors explained that a Killdeer had made its nest in the gravel (which they do) and she had laid an egg.  In an attempt to keep gawkers away and protect the egg from people stomping on it the staff of the Commons had cordoned her off and had also included a dish full of water for her as the heat was incredible.


Now to be honest I think that perhaps a bird who would lay an egg in such a highly trafficked place is not the brightest crayon in the box, and would humbly suggest that she perhaps take up some other pastime such as knitting rather than breeding, but perhaps with the help of her human caretakers she will be able to raise her chick.    Who knows, perhaps she did the same last year and was so taken with the assistance given to her that she decided to try it again.


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