Hiding in Plain Sight Part II

One of the nicest parts about gardening is many  a gardener’s tendency to forget planting things and therefore being pleasantly surprised when the garden awakes to find a bloom that one had forgotten about.    I have to admit that this particular trait happens to me frequently and the annoying part is that it happens with the same plants every year.  Many moons ago I found a poor Clematis plant growing out of its plastic bag at Lowes, it was on sale for 75% off so rescuing it was relatively easy.  I planted it at the base of the large tree in the front garden and promptly forgot about it until it sent out a couple of small blooms the next year and I proceed to forget about it every single year until it comes into bloom.  It has grown over the years and this year the blooms are truly spectacular.


Of course there are many times where the “I don’t remember planting that” theme is because you actually didn’t plant it, but Mother Nature has gifted you with one of her native plants in this case the Cross Vine which is this week coming into bloom,  just in time for the arrival of the Humming Birds.


These trumpet like blooms must be full of nectar because I have also noticed many ant species traveling up the vines and deep into the flowers to collect its sweet treasure, I am not sure what the nectar tastes like because the blooms have an almost spicy, curry like scent, perhaps the ants like Indian food?

Of course  in my case the things that I am more than likely to forget about are the bulbs that I buy on sale as Winter approaches.  Generally in the big box stores at 50-75% off to get them off their hands I usually end up filling a cart with goodies and then having to get them in the ground before it gets too cold.  This invariably results in me wandering the yard with a bag of bulbs in one hand and a trowel in the other muttering to myself while seizing upon any scrap of dirt that doesn’t already have something planted in it.    This led me last year to having a full on argument with myself in front of the heavily discounted bulb section of Lowes.  Me “but they’re 75% off!, I can’t pass up that bargain!”  Me “but you don’t have anywhere to put them, remember last year you ended up having to put them in containers?”  As it turned out the “sensible” me won out over the “can’t pass up a bargain” me and I walked away bulb free and saved myself the weeks of angst trying to find somewhere to put them.  Still it is nice to be surprised as I was this weekend when this particular Dutch Iris greeted me one morning.


Once I saw it I even remembered it’s name, Lion King (that is a rare occurrence to be sure, unless I keep bags or labels I rarely remember the name of a plant other than it’s general species) and with it’s colors it was even in keeping with my purple and gold theme.  Sometimes having a rotten memory has its advantages.


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