Veggie Garden Update

Thanks to the regular rains that we have been having everything is going great guns (including the weeds unfortunately, I really need to get the beds heavily mulched).

The Tomatoes in the first bed already have flowers on them.


Second bed (the seedlings you see by the pepper plants are direct sown radish) I have already begun harvesting lettuce leaves for my husband’s salads every evening (I use the “cut and come again” method of harvesting rather than harvesting the whole lettuce).


The onions, carrots and peas are doing well



and my herb bed at the edge of the patio is looking lovely.


From back to front Blue Sage, Lemon Balm, Chives and Bronze Fennel.

Once the husband gets that Chipper/Shredder that he has been lusting after I should have lots of mulch to suppress the weeds and keep me from having to do the back breaking task of pulling them.  Not that I mind it all that much, there is something very therapeutic about weeding, you just think of something that has annoyed you that week and take out your anger on the weeds.  Works for me.


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