Flossie Update

She has now fully recovered from being spayed.  In fact she thought she was fully recovered the day after and thought nothing of tearing around the garden at top speed which resulted in her getting an infection at the surgery site, which resulted in her having to go on anti-biotics and some heavy duty tranquilizers to keep her calm,  still, all better now and more’s the point, no puppies in her future.  She now weighs 45lbs, and is growing like a weed.  She absolutely adores being out in our huge back garden.  When we are not home she has access to a small patio area and the deck but a gate keeps her from the main area of the back yard.  When I come home at night I let her out into the yard and she does a 100 yard dash and then circles the yard at break neck speed (much as Cueball used to do) until she is exhausted. She also loves chasing the cats but as cats have the ability to climb trees (a trick she will never learn of course), they tend to sit on a branch and torment her for her trouble.  She has also noticed that Mommy carries a black box thing around with her sometimes and points it at her at which point any pose I was trying to get invariably results in this



Eventually though she will tire herself out and find herself a shady spot by the back gate and chill out chewing on a lump of grass.


You will notice the muddy feet,  did I mention that she is particularly adept at finding any wet spot in the yard and paddling through it?  No?  Well she is. She is also getting to know the next door neighbor’s dogs and again much like Cueball she takes great delight in running along the fence line to torment them.    I am sure during the barked introductions Raven and Grecko said to her “what’s your name?” and she responded “Not sure it’s either Flossie Don’t Do That or Flossie No!”

This weekend when I was working in the front garden and she was gazing wistfully at me through the living room window I took pity on her and put her harness on and brought her outside and attached her to an extending lease tied to a tree.  I thought it would be nice for her to be with me while I worked.   It didn’t work as well as planned, first she wrapped her leash around three trees, then she attempted to chew through the leash, then she tried to run away from the leash, and eventually ran so forcefully that she busted completely out of her harness, shattering the clip until she was free of it.  Her foray into the front garden lasted all of 30 minutes until she was corralled and once again looking wistfully out of the living room window.  I think I may have to stick to gardening in the back yard from now on.


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