It’s Not Easy Being Green

This weekend while I was busy planting all of my recent flower purchases I lifted down one of my hanging baskets to add an additional plant.  I was merrily digging down with my fingers when I noticed that something didn’t look quite right with one of the leaves in the basket.  Once I put on my glasses I saw this


Cute little guy was just snuggled up in the basket minding his own business and didn’t seem to be at all bothered by my poking around in his bed sit.

As I wandered around checking out all my solar light ornaments, making sure the batteries were still working, and straightening the stakes, that sort of thing I came across another critter.


He was taking advantage of the solar panel to grab some rays and warm up his body before no doubt going on the hunt for some tasty insects.

Speaking of insects, last weekend as I was working on my containers in the driveway I noticed the cats chasing some flies which appeared out of nowhere.  I turned around and looked at the stump of a long gone tree to see winged creatures just boiling out of it.   As usual I did not have my camera so I ran into the house to fetch it.  On my return I discovered that something else had noticed the all you can eat buffet and was taking advantage of it.


I decided to let her be and enjoy her meal so by the time I got back to the stump with my camera most of the termites had either been eaten or had flown away.


It was fascinating to watch though, especially watching the wingless worker termites patrolling the top of the stump to make sure that all of the winged new queens left the stump and didn’t attempt to return to the nest.   At least the Mocking Bird got a good meal out of it, have to look on the bright side after all.


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