Those Who Can Do etc.,

So of late I have not been blogging about gardening I have actually been outside, you know, gardening.  Once the veggie garden was finished then it was on to flats and flats of flowers which I purchased from the FFA chapter at my husband’s school.  My initial purchase was soon followed by another as the sale began to wind down and they reduced their 36 plant flats to $5.00 each, a bargain that I simply could not resist.

This year I have decided it is all about the pollinators, and therefore chose plants that I knew would keep the bees and butterflies happy.  So I got the following: 1 Flat each Zinnia, Cosmos, Gazania, Angelonia, Purslane, Impatiens, Begonia, Ageratum,  2 Flats each Marigold, Rudbekia,  Dianthus, totaling a mind-boggling 504 plants which had to go somewhere (come to think of it it is no wonder my back hurts.)  In addition to those I stopped by Roses and picked up two six packs each of Tourenia and another plant that I use every year and cannot for the life of me remember the name of.(ETA Portulaca).

So to begin with some went in the bed by either side of the patio, others went in the front bird bath bed


Impatiens and begonia went into the shade bed under the treesSONY DSCThen I set about planting my containers.  I have two color schemes this year, Purple and Gold (for East Carolina University my husband’s Alma Mata) and Red, White, and Blue (patriotic colors for both myself and my husband). Here is one of the Purple and Gold containers


and here is one of the Red, White and Blue ones


I have the pots arranged along either edge of my driveway and once they come into full bloom they should look spectacular.  The remainder of the plants went into hanging baskets, planters on the shutters and the vegetable basket planters that I created last year.  More went into containers on the front patio and the remainder were tucked into spots that were available in the front flower bed (more of those later).  I now just have one flat left, mostly the remaining Rudbekia and a couple of white Dianthus that are in need of a home but I am sure I will come up with something to do with them.  Now I really do get to sit back and watch it all grow.


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