After the Rain

Most of the time rain is not welcome simply because of the inconvenience.  Personally I wish it was like Camelot around here and it would only rain at night (although to be honest that happens a great deal in the summer).  Still there are days when I truly welcome the rain and this is the reason


As I mentioned earlier, it is Pine Pollen time, and a thick cloud of it hangs in the air and covers everything with a thick film of yellow dust.  A good rain storm like we had today literally cleans it from the air and sends it down the drain, much to the relief of allergy sufferers everywhere.  The photo above was taken right outside my office today and you can see just how much of the pollen was washed away.

So my humble request is for a good overnight rain storm every couple of days or so to keep the air squeaky clean and pollen free.  It can’t help to ask.



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