The Eastern NC Spring Yellow Peril

This time of year here in Eastern NC there is a toxic feel in the air, Pine Pollen.  We are surrounded by millions of Pine trees and right now they are in “flower”, if you can call it that, Pine trees flowers are sort of a cluster of yellow fists of pollen bombs, which, of course, will eventually turn into pine cones, but right now they are just a pollen delivery device which allows the trees to deliver the pollen to unsuspecting peoples noses in the most efficient way possible.

In the morning I wander out to my car and it is yellow, having been covered overnight with a thick film of the pollen.   For the most part the majority of people around here who are not normally bothered by allergies are basically felled by Pine pollen.  I just cannot imagine people who suffer from regular allergies feel at this time of year.


I am one of the biggest tree huggers on the planet, but Pine Pollen is the devil.


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