Easter Lily Rescue Week Is Here

Many of you who know me know that I have a personal crusade every Easter to rescue poor forelorn Easter Lilies in pots that will be discarded this Easter Season.

I know all of you go to the grocery store at this time of year and see “Easter Lilies” in pots for sale.  Many of them are in full bloom or at least in bud and will be purchased by people who have been invited to an Easter Dinner.  Just like a leg of lamb loses it’s appeal after Easter, so does an Easter Lily after it has bloomed when it basically becomes a stick of leaves with a dead flower atop its stalk.   The great part about this is that the grocery store (or the garden center) will attempt to recover their cost of buying the lilies by slashing the price of the now “dead” potted plants.   It is at this point that you can buy a healthy, hearty Easter Lily which has great things in its future for pennies.  Stores generally sell the “dead” sticks of leaves for 50 cents, just to get them out of the door, and this is when you can cash in on people who do not understand the worth of bulbs. So there she is, stuffed into a shopping cart, with a “clearance, 50 cents” sign on the cart at the front of the store the green shiny paper surrounding the pot torn and tattered and the leaves beginning to yellow and fall off.  She looks for all the world like the prom queen on the High School steps with mascara streaming down her tear sodden face and her shoes in her hands after she has found her date in the hallway making out with another girl.  Rescue her!

The majority of “Easter Lilies” are actually “Oriental Lilies” and for the most part “Casablanca” which can grow to be a huge plant that smells like absolute heaven when it is in bloom.  A tiny investment in a discount plant that will cost you pennies will result in years of absolute joy in the future if you just take it home and plant it somewhere in your yard.

Save an Easter Lily after Easter, not only will they thank you but they will reward you for years to come.



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