Happy Vernal Equinox

Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where the birdies is? The bird is on the wing, how absurd, the bird’s not on the wing, the wing is on the bird.

As many people are realizing Spring can be a fickle beast, while many of us here in Eastern NC seemed to think that it was already upon us as usual it taught us a lesson.  It was 70 degrees one day and the following day it snowed, heavily.  As it is this week, today it has been balmy and in the 60s, tomorrow night the overnight temperatures are going to get down to 28 which means I have to go out and close the door of my greenhouse lest my overwintering plants freeze.  Never mind, my peas have sprouted (although it would appear that some critter has been nibbling off the tops of some of the seedlings) my carrots have sprouted (and provided that I can keep Flossie from trampling them down should do well).

In the greenhouse my lettuce seedlings are doing wonderful.  SONY DSC

The hyacinths are still blooming although they are past their best and will soon be replaced by other spring flowers.


The Forcythia and Carolina Jessamine are right now flooding the yard with yellow and filling the air with fragrance.  The birds are checking out nesting spots, the neighborhood lawn mowers are coughing into life and the Mocking Birds are finding the highest spot in the trees and screaming out a song to stake out their territory.

I have been invaded by flocks of Grackles and Cowbirds on my feeders as they stop by for a reststop on their way up North, thank goodness that they will be gone soon leaving the food for my regulars.

It is ever thus and yet come Spring every year I am filled with hope and anticipation, scanning flower beds for signs of life as I hope that my perennials are returning to me, looking puzzled as something sprouts that I truly do not remember planting, and smiling with delight as I greet each morning with a new anticipation of Mother Nature lifting herself from her winter slumber, shaking the fallen leaves from her hair, stretching her arms, and dressing herself in the gold that is Spring.


One thought on “Happy Vernal Equinox

  1. My version of your second ditty (recited in a strong Bronx/Brooklyn accent):

    It’s Spring!
    Duh boid is on duh wing!
    Dat’s absoid.
    Duh wing is on duh boid.

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