Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans

It was my intention this past weekend to get my garden pea and carrot seeds into the ground because if I wait much longer then it is going to get too hot for them.  As it was this happened.


It was 70 degrees on Friday and on Saturday this.  By late Sunday afternoon the sun had melted most of the snow away, except those little spots in shady areas.  I had planned to spend Sunday out in my garden planting my green pea and carrot seeds.  I suppose Mother Nature had other ideas for me.   If I don’t get them in the ground by the end of February I am doomed because it will simply be too hot for them to flourish.  Hopefully next weekend will be more cooperative.

I no doubt will have to suffer my local conservative talk radio host making some wise cracks about the snow and climate change on Monday as he is fond of doing but as Bill Maher said new rule if anyone says “hows that global warming thing working for you now?” during a snow storm you are allowed to smack in the face with a snow shovel.


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