One of these days she’ll grow into those ears

Ms. Flossie is at the lanky teenager stage, she has learned to use the doggie door (after trying to follow Harry Potter out of the cat door) and now has a new sense of freedom whereby she can go outside whenever she pleases to frolic on the deck and the back patio.  She cannot get out into the yard as the gate is closed but it does not seem to bother her that she has yet to gain full control over her entire domain.

As she frolics outside I am struck by the fact that she has the most perfect ears, which as any Boxer owner will tell you is quite the feat.  In normal circumstances a boxer will invariably have one ear that goes one way and the other which goes the other.  In other circumstances you will have an ear that will almost always turn itself inside out.  However, in Flossies case she has the most perfect ears.



I have absolutely no idea why any Boxer owner would even think about having those ears clipped.  It seems to me that a Boxers folded ears are the thing that endears them to us, why anyone would think of clipping just completely befuddles me.  I mentioned this to the Vet this past weekend and she agreed with me, if you don’t like a Boxer’s floppy ears, then the answer is simple.  Don’t get a boxer.

If you feel the need to have plastic surgery on your dog without the dogs permission then you really have no business having a dog that you feel requires such surgery.

Edited for clarity:

I understand that docking the tail could be considered plastic surgery, and I certainly hope that the practice is outlawed or discontinued in the future (as it is in the UK), the Vet explained to me that docking a tail causes little or no distress while ear clipping is a painful and potentially dangerous surgery.


One thought on “One of these days she’ll grow into those ears

  1. Ms Flossie’s ears remind me of Aretha Franklin’s 2008 Inauguration Day hat – absolutely magnificent!! Why would anyone want to destroy Ms Flossie’s look?

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