There’s Nothing as queer as folks.

It would appear that Spring was early this year, while in years past my hyacinths have popped above ground while my Christmas lights were still on this year they were in full bloom before January was even over.


The daffodils were the same


As were the Crocuses


But what you might notice in that picture is the Violets are blooming, I have never known the Violets to bloom this early in the season, never.

We had snow this weekend, and I am sure that the climate change deniers will be having a chuckle on Monday on the radio saying “hows that global warming thing working out for you?”  They are idiots.  If they cannot see what is going on around them then I have no hope for a reasonable discussion as to how to save the planet in the coming years.  If years and years of drought and failed crops and record high temperatures aren’t enough to convince these people then I do not know what we can do.  We are doomed.





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