Flossie and Harry Potter = Besties

Having kittens and a puppy in the house at the same time is an ideal situation because basically they grow up together and form a type of bond.  Having no other dog in the house to interact with Flossie has bonded with Harry Potter.  The two of them wrestle, chase each other (well to be honest Flossie does most of the chasing) but at the end of the day they are the best of friends and seek each other out when it is time for a nap and snuggling is on the menu.

Whether it be with me on the recliner while I am watching TV or on the blanket stolen from my knee while I am on the computer, they find each other and snuggle up.



I am glad that Flossie has a friend.  With me and the DH at work during the day it is nice to know that she has someone to play with (as well as a million toys of course).  As they both grow I am sure that Harry Potter will use Flossie as the bodyguard in his life.  Cats and Dogs living together.  Who’d a thunk it.


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