Lancashire Hot Pot

The day after Christmas I managed to snag a wonderful leg of lamb from Food Lion at a remarkable price.  It was originally $34.00 and had been marked down to $17.00 (obviously because its sell by date was approaching).  Today I de-boned it and de-fatted it and turned it into three portions of cubed lamb.  Two I bagged and put in the freezer, the third I turned into a Lancashire Hot Pot.  Traditionally the cut of lamb used for Hot Pot is known as “scrag end” a very cheap cut of lamb that was affordable to most folks, even more affordable was mutton, the meat from a mature sheep.  However, cuts of lamb in the US are few and far between and consist mainly of chops and legs and mutton is like chickens teeth, impossible to find.  I prepared my Hot Pot and placed it in the oven for its long cook. The bone and the fat I placed in a tray in the bottom of the oven to render down for some really wonderful drippings to use later for roasted potatoes and gravy.

Recipe for Lancashire Hot Pot

1lb of lean lamb, cubed

2 carrots peeled and sliced

1 onion peeled and sliced

Enough peeled and sliced potatoes to cover the meat and veg

2 Beef stock cubes mixed with enough water to cover the dish.

Place cubed lamb, carrots and onions in a 9″ square glass baking dish.    Placed sliced potatoes over meat and veg mix and then pour over the stock cubes and water mixture, filling the dish.

Place on lowest level of oven at 375 for three hours until lamb is fork tender.  Move dish to upper level of oven on broil until potatoes are browned.  Serve with pickled red cabbage. SONY DSC


Things that were made to last

When I rolled out of bed today, took my shower and pottered around figuring out what to wear I dragged this out of the closet and put it on.


It is my Fleet Air Arm Field Gun Crew sweat shirt which I bought at the Field Gun shop in 1978 when I was serving at HMS Daedalus (aka RNAS Lee-on-Solent).  I bought this when I was 18, and fresh out of basic training.  It has shrunk a tiny bit, but look at that logo, it looks as fresh as the day I bought it back in 1978.  The sweat shirt is 34 years old and I am still wearing it today.  I would love to know of other people’s bits of clothing that have stood the test of time as well.

Happy Christmas Everyone

Of course because I am completely insane I had to dress up the puppy for the occasion.  It went quite well to begin with.


Then she decided to eat the hat


Then she was like OMG!


Then she decided to eat her own foot, at which point I decided it would be wisest to remove the costume.


So I took it off her and let her open her stocking.


She was happier than a puppy has a right to be on Christmas Morning.  I next thought that I would try my luck with the kittens.  Harry Potter was a little bemused.


But Tigger’s pose was worthy of a Christmas Card


Sooty however was having none of it and got an assist from Tigger to remove the headgear.


Santa (aka my husband) brought me everything I could have wished for.   A new shelving system and a light for my greenhouse so I can garden in the dark.  Some new garden tools and garden gloves and some other bits and bobs to go with the gardening theme.  He has finally learned after all these years that when I tell him I really don’t want jewelry I mean it.  Hope you are all having a wonderful day.