Meet Flossie

My surprise early Christmas present from my husband.

She is a seven-week old Brindle Boxer pup.  I have no idea where the name Flossie came from but when I first set eyes on her she just looked like a Flossie to me.  She is a waggy-tail, kissy-face bundle of joy and I haven’t stopped smiling since he handed her to me today.  She has already figured out that when not with me the spot to be is with Daddy on the recliner.   Of course now comes the task of potty training but I have to say that when she woke up from a nap this afternoon and I took her outside she promptly followed me, chased my slippers for a while and then went potty.  So far so good.

In addition to her we added three kittens to the family just prior to Mum’s visit (yes I know, I need to get Treacle fixed so this is her first and last litter).  They are (from left to right) Harry Potter, Sooty and Tigger.

So I have a house full of babies.  The kittens have already discovered the cat door and are venturing out into the back garden to play in the fallen leaves.  In fact this weekend they ventured up a ladder which is stored between the house and the garage and made it up to the garage roof (with the encouragement of their mother).   Of course there then was the whole “getting down” part of the equation but they managed it.  I have no doubt that they will spend many a mild winter day up there basking in the sun.

Most of all there is a dog in the house.  It feels like home again.




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