My Mum arrives tomorrow

Vacation!  I know that sounds strange, that my mother visiting me turns into a vacation but it really does.  As a woman I work seven days a week, only the location and the tasks change. For five days a week I am at my regular job as a paralegal 8am to 5pm and then on the weekends I work my second job, that being my home, laundry and housework being the “work”.    While my Mum is here the second job goes away, because Mum and Norman take care of all of the tasks that usually pile up for me at the weekends.

When Mum is here I get home from work to a clean house, laundry done, pets fed, and dinner on the table.  It is an absolute joy.  Tomorrow will be a bit chaotic but come Thursday I will come home from work and sit down to a dinner of stew (always my absolute favorite meal that my Mum makes) and then get to kick back with a glass of wine catching up on a years worth of news.   On Friday the left over stew will become a really wonderful curry, and on Saturday morning we will set out for a serious “mooch” hitting all of our favorite Thrift Stores.  I really don’t need any new clothes, or any stuff to be honest with you but there is nothing I enjoy more than going to Thrift Stores with my Mum and finding some treasures that I never thought I needed or even wanted to be honest.

The next five weeks will be my annual vacation and to be honest I can’t wait.


One thought on “My Mum arrives tomorrow

  1. Have a grand time, Britty! I know you’ll enjoy and appreciate every minute! Don’t get so pampered that you forget to post, though.

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