So that happened

This morning I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to get up and watch the Dr. Who episode  from last night.  As I sat there with my tea, scrolling through the DVR menu to find it, a tree frog hopped left to right, in front of me across the living room floor heading for the love seat.  Sensing a moment of “eek” in my future when I would no doubt find said frog, dead and dessicated, the next time I vacuumed under the love seat I set out after it and managed to cup it in my hands and release it onto the Canna by the pond outside.

This afternoon, as I was taking a tea break by the computer, Pootle (one of my cats) shot in through the cat door with “something” in his mouth, which he promptly lost under the piano.   He poked away at various parts of the piano and the bookcase by which it sits for about five minutes, until he gave up finding his prize and zipped back through the cat door to no doubt go and find another “something” to play with.  I took a flash light and decided to look for the “something” (hoping it was something harmless such as a lizard or perhaps another frog) but despite my best effort could find no trace of Pootle’s “something”.

My Mother arrives for a visit in three days.    I sense an “eek” moment in her future,   although considering that in the past my various and sundry animals have brought so many weird and wonderful things into the house she should be used to it by now.   Still I must remember to warn her.




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