The madness of cats

As all cat staff know, cats for the most part are hedonistic creatures, and the entire world revolves around their comfort and well being.  Generally they will find the most comfortable place to sleep (and seeing as they tend to sleep 20 hours a day that place is very important).

Since Cueball died Ellie Wyatt has taken to sleeping on his “nest” a large storage box topped with a cushion and a blanket.

However, as any cat staff knows the confounding thing about cats is not only will they be able to find the most comfortable place to sleep in a house, and use it on a regular basis, they are also able to ferret out the most uncomfortable places to sleep.  Exhibit A.

Apparently on top of a couple of pens on a dresser, squeezed in between my handbag, some photo frames, and a basket where I keep my bits and pieces that I need for gardening and cuddling a bottle of multi-vitamins is the ideal place to sleep, for a cat.

I suppose I should be grateful that he doesn’t just shove all of the above items off the dresser as he prepares to sleep which is Lari’s way of doing things.

I have known cats my whole life.  I swear I am not even half way to beginning to understand them.



One thought on “The madness of cats

  1. So sorry, Ms Brit – haven’t visited Way of Cats for a couple of months and didn’t realise that your beloved Cueball had left this mortal coil. It’s so hard – they were around all the time; then when they leave, they leave little molecules of themselves about for you to see, and it takes a while for those molecules to disintegrate into their tiniest elements, that you no longer ‘see’, but that’s when you can breathe them into you, atom by atom. It varies from person to person: it takes days, weeks, months, or even years. But glad that you’ve gotten your powers of observation back – because they’re powerfully beautiful.

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