Reality TV

I have a 8-5 job five days a week.  When I get home on the evenings I potter about taking care of my cats and cooking my husband dinner.  I tend to spend most of my time on the computer, checking out my favorite sites and following stuff on twitter.  TV for the most part is MSNBC checking out the latest in politics.  Then comes the weekend and I turn into a reality tv junky.
On Saturday morning I wake early, as usual, and shuffle out to the living room in my “do not meddle in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup” t-shirt and settle myself into the recliner for a love fest of reality tv on demand, where I can fast forward all of the annoying ads that get in the way.  With my bucket sized cup of hot tea I turn first to Storage Wars which I find fascinating.  Despite having my illusions shattered by tales of the show being rigged by the producers “seeding” the storage units with unique finds, I still love it.  When my husband and I were first furnishing our house we turned to storage auctions for many of our items, and in fact our first tv unit that we bought from a storage auction now sits in our garage and serves as a storage area for the lawn mower gas cans.

From Storage Wars I turn next to “Chasing UFOs”  another subject with which I am fascinated.  While I find it strange and silly that the “investigators” insist on going out into wildlife infested jungles in the middle of the night and then are shocked, shocked I tell you that they encounter large amounts of wild life I am non the less fascinated by their antics, despite the fact that they invariably fail to find anything.

My next show is “Destination Truth” which has Ryder from “Chasing UFOs” as a member of its team.  Yet again these investigative teams appear to insist on doing everything by “going green” and doing everything under the cover of darkness, and going into jungles and caves when any right minded person would thing that getting evidence under the bright light of day would be preferable.

Jack Osborne’s show “Haunted Highway” is my next stop, right now Jack is on hiatus, having been diagnosed with MS, so his other team, also a part of “Fact or Fiction” are on the case.  I have to say that their most recent foray, the “Silver City” investigation where Jayel got trapped in the “isolation room” was truly scarey.   The “Fact or Fiction” crew are hilariously funny thanks to their “bug across the camera lens test in 3, 2, 1….. ” seriously, we do not need a count down for you to take a picture, it is fairly obvious when you are going to hit the shutter button.

“Haunted Collector” is a particular favorite seeing as for the most part, the owner of the home, or the manager of the haunted place tells the “investigators” of the thing prior to them even doing their investigation, it seems that it always ends up that the “thing” that the person had pointed out turns out to be the “thing” that was causing the problems.  I mean seriously who finds a gold tooth on a lake’s beach and brings it into their house and then cannot figure out why there is strange activity?

Once I have gone through all of the above shows I am then lost for entertainment, that is when I find myself turning to “Craft Wars” the most horrible premise for a show that I think I have ever seen, yet I cannot look away.  While I fast forward through most of the show, seeing I do not really need to know why someone thinks that hot gluing popsicle sticks to a bird house has vision, I am still fascinated by the judges reasoning, and the fact that someone wins $10,000.00.  What can I say, my Saturday morning is mine and no one will take it from me.

I LOVE these shows, I love them because it allows me to turn my mind off on a Saturday morning and totally lose myself in silliness.  I have one of those brains that never turns itself off, I am always thinking about something that has to be done at work, or a particular problem that I need to solve, or an issue I need to deal with.  On a Saturday morning I can turn on the “on demand” channel and completely immerse myself with inanity and turn off my brain.  That is a good thing I think.



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