It rained all weekend

Which was appropriate in a way, tears raining down on the roof of an empty house, a house no longer full of the sounds of a rambunctious dog lording it over his kingdom.  There is something heart wrenching about opening the door to a home and not being greeted by the wiggly butt of a dog.  Yes, the cats are still there and begging me for treats as I walk in the door, but there is nothing like a wiggly butt, albeit sans tail, slobbering jaws begging for kisses and scritches.

So many things change when you no longer have a dog in your life.  You can eat a meal in peace for instance, which, if I am to be honest, is really quite boring.  You can no longer stop eating that slice of pizza when you are no longer hungry knowing that it will find a willing mouth after you are done with it.   (And please I have no desire to have a discussion about feeding dogs leftovers, it is something I have always done and I will not apologize for it).  Cueball expected at least some of my meal, even if it was just a few beans and a crust from a slice of toast, if I never left him anything he would look at me hurt.

When I wake in the morning my first thought is not getting up and letting him out into the garden, now I can lay in bed and worry more about which channel to surf through, rather than chirp merrily “you want to go out big boy?”.  It sucks.

The cats now have a full run over the house, which of course they never did when Cueball was around. The living room area, particularly that area near the birds Harmony and Melody was completely off limits for the cats, now they can wander over their without a problem,  the birds having lost their bodyguard.  The cats now lounge all over the floor, anywhere they want, without ever having to be worried about being trampled by Cueball’s huge feet, and as they seem to have no fear of my feet, I am constantly having to step over them.

Cueball’s “nest” which was a storage box with a cushion and a blanket over it has now been claimed by Ellie Wyatt, and it is strange to see a tiny cat now occupying the same space once occupied by a huge 90lb force of nature that pretty much destroyed everything he came into contact with.

I am sure he misses his presence in the house, as do we all.   It is quiet, and I don’t like it.



2 thoughts on “It rained all weekend

  1. Oh Britty. I am hurting for you. But separately I am going to dig out a wonderful drawing I saw a few months ago which I think may bring you a moment of comfort. I hope.

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