Texting while driving

To be honest with you I have never embraced texting.  I am a typist by profession.  I live for a standard querty uiop keyboard, whether it is on a typewriter or a computer.  The very IDEA of using my thumbs to stamp out an inane messages on a phone while a quick call to the person I am trying to communicate with would take half the time is simply insane.

There is this cautionary tale then.

A man texts about the need to stop texting before he drives off a cliff.  Think about that for a moment, he actually knows that texting could get him killed, and he is doing it anyway, while driving off a cliff.

Let’s face it, the majority of cell phone calls and text messages are not “oh my god the house is burning down send help”, or “fax that contract to the office in New York before 5 pm or we lose the deal”.  No the majority of cell phone conversations go like this



“what cha doin,”

“nuthin, what you doin”

“I’m at the grocery store, what you doin”

“watching tv, what you doin?”

Ad infinitum.

That is it, that is what the majority of cell phone calls and texts are about.  I was at a brilliant Duran Duran concert several years ago I was standing on the chair dancing to the brilliant music while a teenager with her parents next to me spent the entire time texting people on her phone.  I can just imagine the conversation.

“what cha doin”

“at duran duran concert with parents, lame”

“how is the music”

“dunno, not listening, texting”

So texting is willing to drive your vehicle off a cliff for.   Other than the fact that my house is burning down or one of my animals is in danger there is nothing that I could text that could be worth that kind of sacrifice.  Yet another example that humans, as a race, have outlived their usefulness.




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