You just might be a wildlife nut if…

  • You plant things or allow them to grow based upon their usefulness to wildlife whether or not they are pretty (see Poke Weed).
  • You actually go out and buy things, (see Fennel and Dill) knowing that they are going to be eaten by caterpillars, and should you find yourself running out of the said food source you actually go out and buy more and happily tell the sales clerk “it is for the caterpillars”.
  • You don’t mind the odd aphid knowing that it is food for the Lady Bugs and their offspring.
  • You get really agitated when you see a dead squirrel, possum, raccoon, deer on the side of the road cursing under your breath “I would have BRAKED for that”.
  • You stop your car and move turtles and tortoises out of the road no matter how ticked off they (and other drivers)  are about it.
  • You believe “first do no harm” is the best way to deal with critters and weeds in your yard.
  • You find joy in the smallest of insects and marvel at why Mother Nature decided to create them.

Finally, you wake up every morning wondering what marvels you will find in your yard that day, what joyous new discovery, what baby this or baby that, what new seedling, what new bird, what new bloom, what new bug.  When you are a Wildlife Nut, a yard is a Safari, and every day is a new day.


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