Golden Orb Web Spider

I remember coming across one of these many moons ago when I was on a hike down at Lake Waccamaw State Park and I was fascinated by the size and scope of the web.  Much to my delight today I discovered that I have on living in my vegetable garden area.

In what looks to be a prime spot for the species, under the tree line and on the edge of the garden close to the bushes, the web is not yet as spectacular as it probably will be in the future.  Right now it is almost impossible to photograph as, being in deep shade, no matter how much I fiddled with the focus I could not get the web without getting the background dominating.   Still I got the first of what I hope will be many shots.

I looked very closely but did not see a male sharing her nest, nor could I see one close by.   However, that does not mean to say that he is not around somewhere and my old eyes simply cannot see him as he is much smaller than the female, nor does it mean that he wasn’t around before and they have already mated and he has died (or been eaten).   In any event I hope she gets to lay a clutch of eggs as I would love more of these in my garden in the future.  While I would not relish a face full of web,  providing I know where they are I would be happy to share my yard with them.


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