Downsizing and economising

Several years ago, in the depths of winter, our heat pump/air conditioning unit went out of commission.  I weighed the options, I could spend yet another $1,500 to get it repaired to continue to heat and cool our three bedroom two story house and live with the $400.00 a month bills or I could spend a great deal less money in buying space heaters to heat the rooms we were actually living in.  I chose the latter and I have never looked back since.  Once I had tried the space heater route, and the window air conditioner route in the summer, I kicked myself at the amount of money I spent over the years to heat and cool the house.

Today it was 105 degrees here in Eastern North Carolina and my window a/c units in the living room and the bedroom kept the WHOLE HOUSE cool.  I also have a window unit in the kitchen that I did not even need to turn on at all.  My electric bill continues to run at about $100 a month (as opposed to the previous $400 a month during the hottest of the summer).  The whole house is comfortable, not only during the heat of the summer but during the cold of the winter thanks to my space heaters.  The heaters and window a/c units have paid for themselves several times over thanks to the savings in the electric bills and I feel good knowing that I am doing a little bit to help the environment not using electricity to heat and cool the ducts in my walls and the rooms that I only use one month a year.

I have heard more and more adverts on the local radio station about Fujistu mini-split a/c and heating systems that only heat or cool the room you are in.  It is becoming more and more obvious that heating and cooling a huge empty house is simply madness and only heating and cooling the room you are using is the way to go.  It is funny, because it takes me back to my childhood, when we used to do that exact thing.  We would heat the room that we were in with a coal or a gas fire and not worry about the rest of the house, because when we went to bed we would be under the covers and not need to worry about it.  I am more confident that people will make this switch, as they see how insane it is to heat and cool a big old empty box.  We can do this.


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