The yard looked sorry this morning.  Everything was drooping thanks to lack of rain.  Of course, the containers were the worst off, and I was fearful of losing all of the plants in them.  The forecast was only a 30% chance of rain and around here that usually means no rain at all.   After we had gone out to get my husband’s car inspected I came home and set out the sprinkler to give my flower beds a good soaking.   After a couple of hours of working on my containers (removing the dead violas and pansies) and moving the sprinkler around the garden my husband came out and asked me how I was doing.  He then noticed the sprinkler.  “You know what this means” he said “what?”  I asked.  “It’s going to rain today”.  I laughed at him “its only a 30% chance which usually means nothing around here”.  “No” he said “it will rain just because you are watering”.

Sure enough about an hour ago the thunder began to rumble and the rain began tapping on the skylights.   It has been pouring fairly steadily for about an hour and my only consolation is that using the sprinklers has dampened the soil so that this good soaking rain will actually penetrate the scorched earth and it will soak into the soil and not run off which it probably would have done had I not turned on the sprinklers.   At least that is what I will tell myself when the water bill comes in.



One thought on “Figures

  1. I spent an hour moving the hose from tree to tree… still hoping for a soaking from our 20% chance tomorrow. We are in year three of drought here. Luckily we are on a well so don’t pay for water. Let the thunder roll!! 🙂

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