New Daylilies

A couple of years ago I mail ordered some daylilies and planted them in the bed that runs along my pathway to the front door.  I am deluged with daylilies, but for some strange reason I decided that more would be good.  It took them a little while to establish but now they are blooming and they give a really good contrast to my fulva doubles which are rampant throughout my yard.

These new ones are just now flowering and, in addition to a wonderful lemon yellow there is a deep burgundy that is flowering right now, it is truly stunning.

As we all know daylily flowers are short lived, but while they bloom they are brilliant in the landscape, and the best part about them they are almost impossible to kill.   You could literally dig them up, throw them on the compost pile, and they would bloom the following year.  So long as they have even a tiny grasp of something they can draw food from they will thrive.  There is really not a more reliable plant for the landscape.  I cannot recommend them more.


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