Angel wings

Caladium are one of my favorite short lived bulbs for shady areas.  They are truly unique in their ability to shine color and light into an area that is beset by shade.  I have several spots in my garden that are in full shade and which I have no hope of planting anything that will bring color to the area.  Caladium solves that problem and for the small amount of money I spend on them (because I always wait for the 75% off sale) they are well worth the money.  Of course if you are smart and quick (of which I am neither) you can dig them up in the fall and over winter them in the garage.  Alas, by the time I have got around to thinking of digging them up the leaves have died back and I have no earthly clue where I should begin digging to get them out of the ground.

I keep telling myself that I should do a better job of over wintering these babies but invariably I will fail.  Nonetheless, if you have some seriously shady areas that need a pop of light and color, then you will not fail with Caladium.  They are simply beautiful.


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