I brake for wildlife.

I am one of those annoying (to some) drivers who brake for things crossing the road.  It might be a human, but more than likely it is going to be a critter.  Whether it be domestic (cats and dogs) more than likely it is going to be wildlife, deer, squirrels, turtle, snakes, frogs, you name it.  I also brake to enable vultures to retreat when they are in the middle of the road feasting on roadkill that obviously someone has NOT braked for.

I really cannot wrap my head around a personality that would NOT brake for an animal in the road.  There was an experiment done a while back where a wildlife group placed a fake animal in the road to monitor the results.  While most drivers swerved to avoid the critter they recorded several drivers who deliberately swerved to HIT it.  I cannot comprehend someone who would do that.   That is truly evil.

I have to admit though I am overly cautious due to the damage it would do to my psyche were I to hit and kill something.  I brake for all critters as mentioned above, but I also brake for rocks that look like turtles and sticks that look like snakes.  It is not my fault that rocks are pretending to be turtles and sticks are pretending to be snakes.   I suppose I should be grateful that I have only once been rear-ended and that had nothing to do with braking for wildlife but had everything to do with braking for traffic ahead.

Nevertheless, I would really appreciate it if all of those drivers out there took a little more care when it comes to wildlife.  I certainly do not expect anyone to put their lives in danger in order to save a squirrel but for the most part that is not the case.    While it might cause a food shortage for the vultures it would surely make my morning drive to work much less distressing.


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