I don’t remember planting that.

I can guarantee you at least once (if not more) during the gardening season I will wander by one of my flower beds and see something in flower and say the above.  Of course years ago I would have said it to myself, in my head, but these days I am quite happy to say it to myself, and the world, aloud.  More than likely I will then begin a conversation with the plant, also aloud.  “Well hello there!  Who are you?  I certainly do not remember planting you, but you are awfully pretty and it is so nice to see you.”  Such was this Oriental lily that bloomed today.  I certainly do not remember buying it, and I certainly do not remember planting it, perhaps the explanation is that it was in a “mixed” bag of bulbs that has only just now flowered but it certainly is beautiful.

Sometimes I am justified when I do not remember planting something because I actually didn’t plant it, but it was a gift to me from the birds, or the wind, and it will be a delightful native plant that I have wisely put on “weed probation” to enable it to flower and thrive.  Such was my Beauty Berry which landed in one of my beds and I thought the leaves looked interesting and definitely not “weedish”.  I have several plants on “weed probation” right now as they look interesting.

One of these “weed probation” plants is this,

It has come up under the bird feeders so I am assuming that it is a result of that seed.  It is very much non-weed like and I have decided to let it do its thing and see what happens.  It is approximately four feet tall right now so who knows what it is going to turn into and so long as it is not something illegal (like marijuana for instance which was a famous case in the UK many moons ago) I am quite happy to let it be and see what it turns into.

There are times that you have to go with the flow when it comes to gardening, and just let mother nature do her thing, because she really does know what she is doing most of the time.


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